3D Trademark. What is and what it is for?

June 2019

The use and protection of three-dimensional forms as a trademark is an intangible asset that companies must take into account in the market against the competition.Throughout this article, we will analyze the figure of the three-dimensional trademark…

Conceptually identical trademarks, but in another language

May 2019

Conceptually identical trademarks, but in another languageThe basis of trademark registration at national, European and International level is to protect ourselves from copying or taking advantage of our prestige, which we have managed to access with…

Canada adheres to the International Trademark

April 2019

Canada adheres to the International TrademarkCanada has just joined three WIPO treaties that promote the worldwide use of trademarks, which is a stimulus for brand owners and consumers, and highlights Canada's strong multilateral commitment to the World…
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