How much you know about Copyrights?

February 2018

Globally, the intangible rights of individuals or companies, born of human creativity, are known indiscriminately as Intellectual Property rights. However, as we mentioned in a previous article, it is important to know the difference between Industrial…

Indonesia, the 100th member of the WIPO Madrid System

January 2018

Indonesia has surprised us all with its sudden, and desired, adhesion to the international trademark system, in particular to the Madrid Protocol International Treaty, where we continue to see that the Arrangement is disappearing ...We are already very…

The EUIPO has included news models of trademarks

December 2017

The Intellectual Property Office of the European Union accepts tow new models of trademarks, relying on technological advances.

The evolution of trademarks throughout history, modern technologies allow us to maximize the creation of a trademark and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) uses this fact and progresses at the same time of the society and trademarks. The…
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